• 29-MAY-2018

#TheMoment of the Week - Quick-fire quiz with Glasgow 2018 ambassador Karen Bennett

Find out more about Scottish Rowing star Karen Bennett, official ambassador for the Glasgow 2018 European Championships ...

As part of the inaugural multi-sport European Championships in Glasgow and Berlin, the European Rowing Championships will see around 600 of the continent’s best rowers compete over 18 different medal events at Strathclyde Country Park in North Lanarkshire.

A former European champion and 2016 Olympic silver medallist in the women’s eight, Edinburgh girl Karen is backing the FISA 2018 European Rowing Championships’ role within this exciting new international event.

Bennett, who took up the sport aged 18, said: “It’s excellent that this world first, the European Championships, will combine Athletics in Berlin with Aquatics, Cycling, Golf, Gymnastics, Rowing and Triathlon in Glasgow to create one amazing event this August. I’m immensely proud to be named as the Rowing ambassador for Glasgow 2018.

“The European Rowing Championships has a rich history and the crowds in Glasgow and Scotland have a long-standing reputation for being fantastic. I have no doubt that the competition and atmosphere at year’s Rowing event at Strathclyde Park will be thrilling for athletes, spectators, and rowing fans.”